MTEL owns and operates a large number of heavy machinery, equipment, vehicles, and tools of various sized and capacities. We also rent many of our equipment to other companies, if you are interested in renting one or more equipment from us please contact us. Our contact details can be found on the Contact page, as well as in the header and footer.

Survey Equipments

# Equipment name  Brand Quantity
1 Prism   SOKKIA  10
2 Level Machine   SOKKIA  20
3 Total Station  All Solution     6
4 Theodolite  SOKKIA  10
5 Mini Level Machine   SHEN  2
6 Automatic Level Machine              BOIE   2

Construction Equipments

# Equipment name Brand Quantity
1 Bulldozer CATTERPILAR 5
2 Vibrator Roller Dynapac 5
3 Hydraulic Pilling Rig SOILMEC 3
4 Crawler Crane KOBELCO 2
5 Crawler Crane KOBELCO 2
6 Mobile Crane KOBELCO 2
7 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant KYB 2
8 Transit Carrier Schneider 2
9 Pay Loader CATTERPILAR 5
10 Excavator CATTERPILAR 5
11 M.I. Truck SOKKIA 10
12 Dump Truck Eicher/TATA 4
13 Silo Truck Eicher/TATA 6
14 Road Roller CATTERPILAR 4
15 Dredger ITALDRAGHE 2
16 Mixture Machine Schneider 3
17 Rotary Piling Rig XCMG 3
18 Pickup Truck TATA 4

Heavy Constructing Equipment::

Bulldozer, Crawler Crane, Mobile Crane, M.I. Truck, Excavator, Mobile Concrete Batching 

Other Tools and Equipments:

Vibrator, Water Pump, Submersible Pump, Soil Compactor, Mixture Machine, Soil Compa  

Survey Equipment:

Prism, Level Machine, Total Station, Theodolite, Mini Level Machine, Automatic Lev

Testing Tools:

Digital Earth Tester, High Voltage Insulation Tester, Multi-Meter, Clamp Meter

Erection Tools:

Hydraulic Crane, Hi-Speed Cutter, Stand Drill Machine

Erection Tools:

Hydraulic Crane, Hi-Speed Cutter, Stand Drill Machine

Other Equipment:

Generator (18 nos), Gas Cutter, Wire, Wood, etc.

Erection Equipment:

Mobile Crane, Impact Machine, Torque Wrench, Leveling Machine