Design & Drawing

Civil Construction Design & Drawing is a crucial aspect of the construction industry, providing detailed plans and drawings that guide the construction process. Companies specializing in this field of...

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Logistic Service

A Logistic Service company specializes in providing comprehensive logistics solutions to businesses across various industries. This includes procurement, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

Agro Industries

Agro Industries & Commodities companies specialize in the production, processing, and trading of agricultural products and commodities. This may include activities such as milling, refining, packaging, and preserving agricultural goods.

Steel Structure

They offer expertise in designing and engineering steel buildings, bridges, industrial structures, and other steel-based projects. This includes creating detailed structural drawings, calculations, and 3D models.

Power & Energy

Power & Energy companies are involved in the design, construction, and operation of various power generation facilities, including thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, wind farms, solar farms, and nuclear power plants.

Ground Improvement Works

Ground Improvement Works Construction is a company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for ground improvement in construction projects.

Electro Mechanical Solution

Electro Mechanical Solution is a company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of electro-mechanical engineering.

Civil Design & Construction

Civil Design & Construction is a company specializing in providing comprehensive civil engineering services from design to construction.

Logistic Tools

To provide support to all our projects, MTEL owns and operates a large numbers (350) of heavy machinery, equipments, vehicles and tools in different sizes and capacity. Theseheavy machinery, equipment’s, vehicles and tools are involved for following works


  • Land Development
  • Boundary Wall 
  • Piling 
  • Slaughter House 
  • Thai Dormitory
  • Local Dormitory
  • Office Building
  • Canteen Building
  • Rendering Building
  • Guard House
  • Electrical House
  • Boiler House
  • Warehouse
  • RCC Internal Road/Pavement etc 


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C.P. Group

C.P. Group takes pride in building strong relationships with our partners and delivering exceptional results. Our partner Multi Trade Enterprise Ltd exemplifies everything that we value, and we are happy to be working with them.

Nasir Group

Here at Nasir Group  we value quality and hard work over everything. When working with Multi Trade Enterprise Ltd. we recieved the same quality and dedication that we value so highly.