To provide support to all our projects, MTEL owns and operates a large numbers (350) of heavy machinery, equipments, vehicles and tools in different sizes and capacity.
Heavy Constructing Equipment: Bulldozer, Crawler Crane, Mobile Crane, M.I. Truck, Excavator, Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, Rotary Rig, Low Bed, Transit Carrier, Wheel Loader, Dump Truck, Vibrator Roller, Hydraulic Rig and Dredger.
Survey Equipment: Prism, Level Machine, Total Station, Theodolite, Mini Level Machine, Automatic Level Machine
Erection Tools: Hydraulic Crane, Hi-Speed Cutter, Stand Drill Machine
Other Tools and Equipments: Vibrator, Water Pump, Submersible Pump, Soil Compactor, Mixture Machine, Soil Compactor
Testing Tools: Digital Earth Tester, High Voltage Insulation Tester, Multi Meter, Clamp Meter
Other Equipment: Generator (18 nos), Gas Cutter, Wire, Wood, etc.
Erection Equipment: Mobile Crane, Impact Machine, Torque Wrench, Leveling Machine

Survey Equipments

# Equipment name Brand Quantity
1 Prism SOKKIA 14
2 Level Machine SOKKIA 20
3 Total Station All solution 6
4 Theodolite SOKKIA 10
5 Mini Level Machine SHEN 2
6 Automatic Level Machine BOIE 2

Construction Equipments

# Equipment name Brand Quantity
1 Bulldozer CATTERPILAR 5
2 Hydraulic Pilling Rig SOILMEC 3
3 Crawler Crane KOBELCO 2
4 Mobile Crane KOBELCO 2
5 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant KYB 2
6 Transit Carrier Schneider 2
7 Pay Loader CATTERPILAR 5
8 Excavator CATTERPILAR 5
9 M.I. Truck Mitsubishi 1
10 Dump Truck Eicher/TATA 4
11 Normal Truck Eicher/TATA 2
12 Road Roller CATTERPILAR 4
13 Dredger ITALDRAGHE 2
14 Mixture Machine Schneider 3
15 Rotary Piling Rig XCMG 3
16 Pickup Van TATA 4